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Sutherland Global Services

We started operations in July 2008 with approximately 30 employees with 11 account but since then we have successfully scaled up to more than 500 employees operating in more than 19 accounts in 3 different sites. Our highly qualified and motivated people provide High-End Technical support and Customer service in 16 European languages.

The overall growth rate for Sutherland Bulgaria has been close to 35% year on year despite the global economic downturn and this success is a direct result of the level of commitment, dedication and hard-work of our employees. The foundation of our Company’s success has been twofold; our ability to delight our customers combined with a deep commitment to the growth of our people. This is reflected in our continual efforts to ensure that Sutherland Bulgaria is a great place to work and it makes us proud that our team unites people from different backgrounds, cultures and nationalities creating live, dynamic and cheerful working environment.

In the outlook we will continue to fuel growth and anticipate generating many more jobs here over the next 12 to 18 months and expand operations to other cities of Bulgaria with the objective of making Bulgaria the destination of choice for knowledge based outsourcing services in Europe.

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