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Freelance Nepali Interpreters - Nuneaton/Warwickshire

DA Languages

Name: DA Languages

English, Nepali
Code: Nuneaton
Warwickshire - West Midlands, United Kingdom, Nuneaton

Are you an interpreter who lives in or around the Nuneaton area?

D A Languages are currently recruiting new freelance interpreters in this area.

We are a South-Manchester based translation and interpretation agency, which has been established since 1998. We offer over 500 languages and add to this an extensive database of 11,000 Mother Tongue Interpreters/Translators, this makes us one of the major players in the language industry in the North West.
Applicants will need a high level of English, and be fully fluent (native level) in the language(s) they wish to interpret in. Interpreters will work in a variety of situations including Social Services, meetings, and various Public and Private Sector organisations in your area. The role will involve assisting clients with language difficulties.

To apply, Simply send us your CV, giving details of your language skills and any relevant experience. We are also very interested in rarer languages and dialects, so please let us know if you speak any! In order to deal with your application quicker please add the city and the language at the subject: For example: Interpreter – Portuguese-Nuneaton.

Please let us know if you hold any qualifications in interpreting (eg. DPSI, Community Interpreting, National Register listed, etc..)

Hours of work are flexible, as this is a freelance position. Interpreters will need to hold either a Standard or Enhanced DBS certificate. If you do not have one, you can apply for one through us.

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