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When he couldn't find what he wanted in the shops - and realised that he and the city had grown tired of each other - Johnnie Boden started a clothing business.

Boden has grown in leaps and bounds since the first range took shape on Johnnie's kitchen table back in 1991. But, despite the fact that Boden is now a £250 million turnover business employing over 1,000 employees, the principles behind the brand haven't changed one bit. We're proud of the fact that we helped pioneer upmarket mail order shopping and introduced a generation of British families to the joys of 'home delivered' clothing.

We design everything, including our famous prints, here in North Acton. We know it's not the most glamorous building but we do have a lovely roof garden and a gym at our second site, Black Arrow House which is just down the road from Boden House.

We believe that colour can make you happy and admit to being slightly obsessed with detail. So, as well as being lovely and uplifting, our clothes are chockfull of little touches to make our customers smile. We also believe in treating customers like old friends so we invite ours to tell it like it is (we don't mind the odd slap on the wrist if they feel we really deserve it).

Our clothes appeal to customers who love our quality, style and 'no-quibble' service. We sell direct - through our catalogues and websites in 5 countries and now generate more than 50% of our sales outside the UK. We may send out millions of catalogues each year, but they're printed on paper sourced from renewable forests and we plant three trees for each one felled for paper.

We launched our website in 1999 and most of our orders (about 90%) are now placed online. Boden launched in the USA in 2002, Germany in 2007, Austria in 2009 and France in 2011. We also have a shop in Hanger Green.

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