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Teleperformance UK

Teleperformance in the UK, has over 8000 people in 3 regions – England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. We help clients build their customer experience strategies regardless of the channels to be used.

Our services are tailored to individual requirements and needs, and include multi-channel customer service (including social media) and CRM, face-to-face visa application services, biometric data collection, customer acquisition, back office processing, debt collection, multilingual services and technical support. Our range of core services is closely aligned to help organisations optimise the value of their customer relationships at every stage of the customer lifecycle.

We provide a wide range of business solutions; from small, niche dedicated teams, to shared resource environments (Bureau) and large scale multi-location teams of 1000 people, located either in one of our specialist contact centres or at our client’s facility.  

Teleperformance is a people company; we recognise happy people make happy customers. We are proud of the people culture we have developed in the UK, ensuring we engage at all levels. Our people development plans include supporting people by offering tools to develop their lives as well as the skills to do a great job for our clients.

Many of our clients have been partnering with us for in excess of 14 years. Clients choose Teleperformance because they want a level of service that is unsurpassed, to protect their brand, grow their market share, increase their sales and improve their customers’ experience.

Our business objective is to productively deploy top quality, well trained people in the optimal geographic delivery location supported by world class IT and telephony solutions, so as to exceed client expectations and continue reaffirming our position as market leading provider in contact centre solutions.  In doing so, we take fullest advantage of our position of global leader and of the people excellence, processes and technologies available throughout our UK and worldwide network to drive sustained growth within our business.

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