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MI5 – The Security Service

The Security Service, often known as MI5, is the UK's national security intelligence agency. Since 1909 we have been responsible for countering covertly organised threats to national security. We also provide security advice to a range of other organisations, helping them reduce their vulnerability to the threats.

Our work focuses on a number of areas:

We investigate suspect individuals and organisations to obtain, collate, analyse and assess secret intelligence relating to the threats. This requires us to gather intelligence and manage information effectively.

We act to counter the sources of threats, compiling evidence that enables us to bring suspects to justice.

We advise the Government and others to keep them informed of the threats and advises on the appropriate response, including protective security measures; and

We assist other agencies, organisations and Government departments in combating threats. We contribute to the work of the UK's National Intelligence Machinery. We also form partnerships with other organisations in the UK and abroad.

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