Address: Cheltenham & Scarborough
Telephone: 0845 450 2152
Email: careers@recruitmentteam.org.uk
Website: https://ad.doubleclick.net/ddm/clk/319972496;148880483;d
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About Us

Every day cyber criminals, terrorists, hackers, fraudsters and organised gangs are targeting the UK using ever more sophisticated technology. As a security and intelligence agency, we’re dedicated to combating these diverse threats.

Based at a number of UK sites, we protect the nation’s people, businesses and interests. No matter where you’re based, you’ll find an atmosphere designed to encourage open minds and attitudes, supported by a welfare and benefits structure that enables you to be at your best. From extensive training and development that allows you to expand your skills, to the flexibility to explore different roles and the tools and technologies that enable you to do your job effectively, we’ll help you to achieve your full potential.

Our language analysts use their deep knowledge of languages every day to piece together snippets of information collected from a variety of digital communication sources. This gives us invaluable insights into what’s happening, where and when, across the world.

An idea becomes a word. A word starts a sentence. A sentence begins a conversation. Our language analysts are there to not only translate or interpret it; they add a depth of understanding that enables us to make the right choices to help safeguard national security.

Our unique remit means we offer the kind of opportunities you won’t find anywhere else – complex, technically challenging and intellectually stimulating roles that test both technical and non-technical skills.