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GCHQ is an intelligence and security organisation, working to keep Britain safe and secure in the challenging environment of modern communications.

Our Mission:

The internet is a part of everybody’s lives. But while it benefits millions of people, it also increases the threats we all face.

Based at a number of UK sites, our mission is to protect the country’s people, businesses and interests in the cyber age. Using our technical experience and expertise, we provide intelligence, protect information and inform relevant policy to keep UK society safe, secure and successful.

Complex Technology to Combat Complex Threats:

The online threats that the UK faces every day are many and varied. Cyber criminals, terrorists, hackers, fraudsters, organised criminal gangs… all are using ever more sophisticated technology.

It’s complex, technically challenging work that demands highly skilled and committed people. People who enjoy tackling interesting and varied projects. People with the creative intellect and energy to develop unique solutions. And people with a commitment to safeguarding existing systems and protecting against evolving threats.

Who We Hire:

Whether you join us as a graduate, student or apprentice, you can look forward to challenging projects, early responsibility, outstanding professional development and a series of unique experiences.

Although the majority of our work involves technology, we welcome people from a wide range of backgrounds and with a variety of qualifications. You’ll enjoy excellent training and development opportunities, new challenges every day and hands-on experience in the type of projects you’re unlikely to find anywhere else. It’s an environment where you’ll be able to build a rewarding and challenging career.

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