Air France European Sales & Service Centre

Air France European Sales & Service Centre

Address: Brent House,
347-359 High Rd,
Telephone: 0208 750 9000
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Air France and KLM merged to create the Air France-KLM Group in May 2004.

Air France KLM is 1 group, 2 airlines, 3 core businesses: passengers, cargo and maintenance.

Air France was a founding member of the SkyTeam alliance.

The Air France European Sales and Service Centre (ESSC) provide to Air France, KLM and Delta Western European customers a portfolio of pre and post travel services in their local languages.

Our aim is to deliver excellence of service at a competitive cost of production.

We are a multilingual centre, comprised of 250+ highly skilled professionals, specialised in customer contact.

We operate in the spirit of the following values:
Excellence, Courage, Innovation, Respect and Passion.