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LoveWorkLife Recruitment is the on site recruiter for Minacs.

Minacs partners with global companies across three continents in manufacturing, retail, telecommunication, technology, media and entertainment, banking, insurance, healthcare and public sector. Minacs leverage years of process, domain and technology expertise to deliver superior business value to clients with their seamless customer experience, marketing, finance and accounting, and back office solutions and services.

In Luton, Minacs has partnered with an American global automotive company that manufactures cars in the United Kingdom and Europe. This automotive company has begun the European roll out of a new technology that has enjoyed great success across the US and Canada boasting 5.7 million users as of 2014. This new technology will allow drivers across the continent to contact call centre staff with a push of a button.

Being a part of the European call centre staff will be providing customer care to drivers 24 hours a day. Staff will be working in a team to ensure each language is adequately covered and no driver is left stranded.